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We are an agent for international commerce, representing top companies for the steel, metals, mining, aluminum and solar energy sectors.

With more than 30 years, Barranda started exporting metals through EXPRO, a subsidiary of XEROX in Brazil.

Through the years, we began representing companies in the raw materials and metals processing areas.

With the globalization and Brazil’s opening to imported goods in the 90’s, we spread our mix of products and services, developing partnerships and representing exclusively some of the main producers in the steel and aluminum industries.

We work with some reference companies in the segment, such as Showa Denko, Cobex Group, Treibacher, Injection Alloys Group, Tipro International, Hartree/Metallia, Techmo and MFG France.






MISCHMETAL / rare earths (Cerium, Lanthanum and Strontium), Ferro Vanadium (FeV), Ferro Phosphorus (FeP), Ferro Nickel Molybdenum (FeNiMo), Ferro Molybdenum (FeMo), Ferro Tungsten (FeW), Ferro Chrome (FeCr), Ferro Manganese (FeMn), Ferrosilicon (FeSi), Ferro Boron (FeBo) and Nitrogen materials (N).


HI-CORES (Hi-Cal, HiFeCa), Ferro Calcium (FeCa), Ferro Titanium (FeTi), Calcium Silicon (CaSi), Ferro Calcium Aluminum (FeCaAl), Ferro Boron (FeBo), Carbon (C), Sulfur (S). 

Graphite electrodes and refractory bricks

Long, flat and stainless steel

Titanium alloys (rods and bars)